Re: Winton sound


Hi Jon,

  You wrote, "I would want to buy it on the decoder. "

  As Ed mentioned, the sound file is available for the Titan decoder.   That's part of what makes the Titan such a great decoder - you can update the sound files as they become available (using the optional QSI Programmer).   However, you can purchase the Titan decoder with the Winton sound file already loaded, directly from Q.S. Industries.

  You wrote: " It's not available on JMRI for some reason. "  You can still use JMRI Decoder Pro or QSI's own,  free download, CV Manager (works with NCE systems and with QSI Programmer).

  Currently, there are only two QSI Titan version 9 decoders listed in JMRI Decoder Pro (a steam and a diesel).  To use a QSI Titan with version 9 firmware (the Emulator) in JMRI Decoder Pro you simply select the diesel (if memory serves, it's the EMD 567).  Don't worry, it's just a label - it will not change the Winton sound file to something else.   Once selected you can set the CVs to your hearts content.

  You wrote, "I would then lock it  after selecting what I want in terms of CVs. "

  Another great thing about the Emulator (QSI Titan with version 9 firmware) is the fact that, just like the full scale locomotive, the sounds are dynamic.   Changing the momentum values and load (length of train, grade, etc.) will change the sounds and operating characteristics of the locomotive.   The exhaust will become laboured and 'bark' sharper, etc..   To do that you may not want to 'lock' the decoder because 'momentum' changes with load.

  Oh, and the fully variable train brake (when the momentum CVs are properly set) emulates the full scale very well.

  Really, there is so much, so many features to the Emulator, I just cannot list them here.   I suggest downloading the full manual (it's huge because there are so many features).

Best regards,

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