Re: Driver for Quantum Programmer Success!

Bruce Shanks

I've managed to get Quantum CV Manager running with Driver 3.2

First I took a few steps from the instructions for installing the driver in Windows XP Vista or Win 7 which are in the Quantum Programmer Installation Guide. I unplugged the programmer and made a file named SiLabs in C:Programs. Into that folder I downloaded the qprog_winxp_3_2 compressed file using administrator privileges to allow it.

Then I switched to the instructions for installing the driver in Win 10, which several folks had referenced. I stepped thru the instructions to force Win 10 to accept an unsigned driver. After clicking Startup Setting 7 to disable driver signature enforcement and waited for the re-start, I went to the downloaded compressed file in the SiLabs folder and clicked on it. When the "Extract" page came up I browsed for the C:Programs\Silabs folder as the target for extracted files. I then clicked on the install application in those files. Things progressed normally from there, I was warned about unsigned drivers and then had to allow the installation. Finally I got the message that the driver was installed. Plugged in the Programmer and nothing happened.

Turned out I was half-way there! I downloaded and installed CV Manager, clicked on it and it gave me the warning that it wouldn't work right with driver 3.1, just like before. I tried the installer again, but it told me that driver 3.2 was installed and working properly. At this point I opened Control Panel and started Device Manager. Down at the bottom of the list appeared a USBExpress device that I don't think was there before. Clicking on it revealed it was a device with driver version 3.1 which had an "update driver" click box. Selecting the update and allowing the machine to find the driver worked.

Now CV Manager and Quantum Upgrade open happily.

Sincere thanks to all who have been supportive in my quest. I hope this epistle will help others who are having trouble getting the Quantum Programmer driver installed in Win 10.

Bruce Shanks

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