Re: Engine runs away when first powering up

Kevin Strong

Turn off the "Run on analog DC" bit on CV29 on the QSI decoder. If the Airwire Convertr does not see a valid signal coming from the transmitter, it will pass along full battery voltage through the Convertr to the DCC decoder. If the QSI--or any--decoder is prorgammed to operate on analog DC, it will see this and take off running. Once you turn on the transmitter, the receiver sees the DCC instructions and instead passes the DCC signal to the decoder.

Yeah, took me a while to figure that one out, too...



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I have converted a locomotive to battery power with Airwire radio control. I have added a switch to the setup so that I can disconnect power from the battery to the Titan-U decoder. When I flip the switch and power up the decoder, the engine starts moving and rapidly picks up speed. To avoid this I have to first power up my control hand set and set it to the locomotive number then power up the locomotive.

Shouldn't the Titan decoder hold the last settings that were live at the time it is powered off? Is there a way to avoid losing these settings when shutting down?





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