Re: Driver for Quantum Programmer

Tom K.

    I've had success re-installing the drivers using this procedure.  Above on the 'New Messages' link click "See All".  You can now search for message #16373 above to the right. Josh goes into a lot of detail as to why we have a problem with windows 10 and drivers.
   In case you can't find the message, here is the brunt of it:  -  Best of luck.....
Here’s the procedure:
  1. Disconnect the programmer
  2. Click the Start Menu
  3. Click the Power icon
  4. Hold the shift key and click “restart”. (this can take a minute so don’t panic)
  5. When asked to “Choose and option” click “Troubleshoot”
  6. Click “Advanced Options”
  7. Click “Startup Settings”
  8. Click “Restart” (The computer will partially reboot and you’ll be presented with an options list)
  9. Press the 7 key to select “Disable Driver Signature Enforcement” (The computer will now finish booting and look normal)
  10. Install the driver per the instructions presented in the Install Wizard.
  11. Connect the programmer.

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