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Bill Kohler

With the QSI Titan, once you set CV 56.1 to '1', the decoder WILL NOT talk to the programmer (programming track) any longer.

To get back to the programmer, you must either set CV 56.1 back to 0 using the radio transmitter, or do a hard reset.

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I made two purchases, and I'm trying to marry them together.

First is an Aristocraft G-Scale SD45 with a QSI decoder. It runs fine on DC
(with CV29 adjusted appropriately) and on DCC using my NCE PowerCab.

Second is a G-wire receiver, QSI Decoder and wiring stripped from another
Aristocraft by a friend who got so frustrated by the indexed CV's that he
gave up and is going to put in an AirWire G3 board. This decoder is the
QSI aftermarket model apparently, because it has the three screw terminal
blocks around the edges. The one in my Aristocraft does not, and is
apparently the Aristocraft OEM version built by QSI. Using JMRI this one in
the loco reads back as QSI (manufacturer 113) version 7, model 63 (no such
model defined).

I unplugged the G-wire receiver from the second decoder, and plugged the
cable into the first loco. Then began the quest to activate the G-wire.
First, I tried setting CV 56.1 by programming using my PowerCab. Setting CV
49 = 1 was no problem, but setting CV 56 to 1 resulted in "cannot read CV".
I forged ahead with entering the value of 1, but get no response to the
AirWire throttle.
Next, I tried following the instructions for using the reed switch and DC.
The lights don't flash the way the instructions say they should, and I wind
up with a "RESET".
Thirdly, I tried the JMRI simple CV programmer. CV 49 worked fine, and CV
56 was listed. But writing 1 to it results in an error 301 "loco not

I used the JMRI definitions for QSI Magnum, Revolution and Titan and looked
at the CV lists. None of them show CV 56.1 even though the Quantum DCC
reference Manual shows it on page 359 as QSI System Configuration 1 (PI =
1), and bit 0 = 1 will enable AirWire operation.

I haven't tried plugging the second decoder into the loco yet. I did try
connecting it to my decoder tester using the screw terminals, and tried to
read it with the PowerCab and JMRI. No luck. "No locomotive detected", even
the PowerCab has 13 V AC on the red and black connections. Looks like it
may be toast, or the tiny motor on my tester can't give a sufficient load
for a read-back.

The Question is, if CV 56.1 is not present in the decoder, how does one
activate the G-wire socket which is present on the board?

All help sincerely appreciated.

Bruce Shanks




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