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Bill Kohler

OK – I had not seen the ‘Enable all CVs” before, but that doesn’t solve the problem.
CV Manager is version, the latest I can find.
The FX-DO decoder is version 9.3.8 build date 4/17/17
If I go to ‘New –> Diesel’, I find several FX-DO files in the list, and these are the ones that have CV 56.1 greyed out. Enabling all CV’s does ‘un-grey’ them, but...
If I program the ‘Enable G-Wire’ bit in CV 56.1, and program the decoder in Program Mode, I get no error messages, but the decoder will still only respond to the programmer (track), NOT the G-Wire receiver and the G-wire throttle.
If I program it in Service Mode, I then consistently get an error message pop-up saying “ERROR: Unable to program CV 56”
If I run ‘Verify’ in service mode on the decoder, I get: “56.1    System Configuration 1    (Document) 1    (Decoder) NA
All of this tells me that the firmware does not include CV 56.1 at all, hence the G-Wire socket is non-functional.
If I load an ‘FX-LS’ file into CV Manager, CV 56.1 is NOT greyed out, but I still get the error when I try to program the CV.
BTW – ‘NEW –> DIESEL’ has several FX-DO files in the selection list, but ‘NEW –> STEAM’ has NONE. (I’m running steam locos only)
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Sent: Sunday, January 13, 2019 12:49 AM
Subject: Re: [QSIndustries] Re: WTB: QSI Programmer Case

Do you have the programmer software set for the right decoder? You can also set CVManager to allow ALL CV's.
Try doing this and setting the CV and then reading it back.

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