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Michael Mosher

First thing I'd do would be to flip the polarity of the LED.

I don't have that model, I do have a ATSF 2-10-2 that did not come with a rear light.  The pcb has holes for a rear light connector and pads for a SMT resistor for the light, both of which did not have any parts loaded in those positions.  The connector is not a issue since you can solder the wires coming from you LED to those holes.  But without the SMT resistor there's not a connection from the decoder output to the connector holes.  When I added a light, I soldered an SMT resistor to the pads, if you don't have an SMT resistor you can keep using the resistor you already have but you'll need to solder a wire across the pads for the SMT resistor.

By default the rear light should be enabled thou there are CV that can disable it. 

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On 5/6/2018 10:21 AM, Charles Goddard CGALFA@... [QSIndustries] wrote:

I have BLI Steam Micados lacking Reverse Lights.  The QSI Decoders are 301-1 with the Quantum Upgrade Chip.  I've been told by a contact how to do this even with photos. 

When I make the connections to the REV positions, right being positive, it does not work in reverse of forward.  Do I need to make settings in CV 29, CV 33, and CV34, other than their originals?  The suggested resistor was 100 ohm, which I didn't have, but a 160 ohm was attached on the short side of the LED, and allows light when attached between the rails.

What am I missing?

Charley Goddard
Muncie, IN

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