Re: US trains SD70Mac problem

Bill Kohler

I humbly beg to differ...

   Titan Large Scale Variants

The Titan Magnum has no pins sticking out the bottom.


The other 3 variations are made to plug into sockets in (some) Aristocraft, Bachmann and USA Trains locos, respectively.


The older Quantum decoder, on the other hand, had pins that were simply cut off for the Magnum version.


The photo that Gary posted is either the USA Trains variation of the older Quantum decoder, if it is plugged into a socket, or the Magnum version if it has no pins sticking out the bottom...

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Sent: Thursday, April 12, 2018 1:08 PM
Subject: Re: [QSIndustries] US trains SD70Mac problem

A few points of clarification, to help out:

1. there is no thing as a Titan Magnum... a Titan is only made with one hardware version, it has 3 sets of screw terminals on it.

2. the "Revolution" or "Magnum" or "Revolution Magnum" is all the same hardware, the "Magnum" version was simply the main board plugged into a small board with 2 sockets, and screw terminals. The main board is the "Revolution" but over the years all the terminology got confused.

3. I believe that all you need to do to make the "Revolution" listen to DCC track signals is unplug the flexible cable to the receiver.

Try that first.


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