Titan-DO documentation?

Bill Kohler

I'm a large-scale modeler that has several locos modified to carry on-board batteries and radio remote control, using QSI Titan Magnum large-scale decoders.

It appears the Magnum is no longer available, perhaps replaced by the Titan FX-DO decoder.

I can't find any significant documentation on the FX-DO, beyond a simple 2-sheet connection diagram.

I'd like to see more info, such as maximum currents, maximum voltages, how to connect to the "DL" (download?) connectors, etc.

A major concern, since I am absolutely in love with the Q3-ET sound files that worked in the Magnum, is whether the FX-DO can be loaded with that sound set, and whether to use the HO version or the LS version.

I can't find any mention of this decoder on the http://shedaker.wixsite.com/shedaker site.

Can anyone point me to documentation, other than the 2 connection diagram sheets?


Bill Kohler


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