Re: Walthers Proto 2000 H10-44 locomotive programming


Gary, Unlike Tsunami, QSI decoders do not have an audio equalizer, but you can control volumes of all the sounds, plus zillion of other parameters.  The full QSI manuals are over 300 pages long (like a small phone book). :-)

As far as setting CVs manually, one by one, it is doable, but the problem is that many sound settings (and other settings) are done by using indexed registers. Sometimes you have to program 3 CVs just to set a single value.  That gets really tiresome after doing this for a while. Complex sound decoders like QSI just have too many different tunable CVs to comfortable do this one-at-a-time.  But like I said, it is doable.


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Thanks guys. I have tried JMRI and frankly it is not quite magic to me. I have played with JMRI but I am no where near proficient with it. And besides, believe it or not, my friend does not have a computer set up on his layout. He is anti-technology and I have to do all of his "electronics" work. Besides, I much prefer to change CV values "by hand" as it were. My reasoning, he doesn't have a computer set up on his layout. I can bring his locos home and work on them here but since this is a sound situation, I need to make the adjustments at his house. 

Thanks for the information about the CV values. Does anyone know if there is an EQ that can be adjusted?

I will let you guys know how things go.


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