Re: Quantum CV Manager Version 1.02 and Quantum Titan U Version 8


Why do people automatically dismiss computers running older OS (like XP) to be slow?  It was plenty of fast when bought new!  :-)

Yes, the newer hardware (and OS) is much faster than a 20 year-old machine, but I assume that he wants to use it for running the QSI software, not play the latest graphic-intensive online game.  There is very little CPU "horsepower" QSI apps require.

If the machine is kept off Internet, XP machine will be just fine for most apps used for programming decoders.

I still have my QSI software running on an old XP computer, and even have a Win98SE machine dedicated to an old printer I use for designing and printing decals.  They are both plenty fast for their dedicated tasks. No Windows 10 on a Intel I6 needed, thank you.


---In QSIndustries@..., <tpwillie@...> wrote :Personally, I would stay away from the XP machine. It s probably getting pretty old and nearing the end of the hardware life and is slow.




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