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Interesting. Thanks for that information. As long as it works then all is good. Take Care.




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Hi Lou,  A MR person I know that made a career out of computers suggested using the Keyspan 19HS adapter and I am relying soley on his knowledge.  I won't even try to explain what he told me since it is way over my head.  The usb to 9 pin serial connector I had been using worked with windows 7.  And, at times, I was running windows 10 with it also.  But it was constant hit or miss and we were looking for possible weak points.  I paid  a few dollars for the old USB/Serial connector 4 years ago and it did not come with any disc or download location for a driver.  It was just a cable in a box.  


This 19HS took me to a web site where I found a specific driver for the cable (you still need the SiLab driver for CV manager) and the serial head is 3 or 4 times the physical size of the old one.  For $26, it seemed like a worthwhild gamble that it might help.  I have used windows 10 for several hours over the last few days this week with the 19HS and it certainly isn't causing a problem.


I was having the same, intermittent problem with the driver being loaded but CV manager couldn't find it.  I am not sure what I have done to finally get CV manager to work again, and am curious to see if I manage to keep it up and running this time.  If it stays opporational, then maybe the cable helped. 


 Maybe someone who knows more about this cangive us more guidance. 

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