Re: New products (small sound decoder)


Hi Kelly,
Thanks for providing me some hope - I think I've been asking this question for over 10 years now. Or it at least ti seems that way now.  It was ever since I purchased the Walthers Y-6 (2-8-8-2) loco with a factory-installed QSI Revolution decoder. I was amazed with just how well it sounded and with its capabilities.  That decoder board was custom made to fit the tender. I now again have some hope that I'll be able to install mode QSI decoders in my other N scale steam locos.


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Hi Pete

A smaller decoder for N scale is still on the table, and we do hope to address this market. Obviously the sudden loss of QSIS set us at QSI back a bit. Josh was a huge resource. 

Thanks for your support

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