New products (small sound decoder)


Since there has been a recent discussion about possible new products from QSI (at the Big-E show), I would like to know if there is any possibility QSI will produce a smaller sound decoderr?  Somethgint that would fit into smaller H0n3 or N scale steam locos?  I love the functionality and sound quality of QSI sound decoders, but since I model in N scale, the size of the current decoders limits my installs to only models with large tenders.  A smaller decoder would be most welcome.

In the past, on the QSI website there was a placeholder for a future N scale sound decoder. Several years ago (at a Big-E show) I asked Josh about it and he said that the project was unlikely to happen. But since Josh is now out of the picture, I'm now asking QSI directly.


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