Re: G Wire Receiver and G Wire Throttle...

Benjamin Shell

The new G-Wire board was produced, it's just that for some reason Josh never advertised it. It has an updated lower cost chip--the original was expensive and finally discontinued--and it seems to be available on eBay now:

Whoever is selling these seems to be from near where Josh lives, and it might even be Josh or his wife. But I heard from another member of this group that they ordered one and it arrived. But I have no personal experience with these so buyer beware.


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Don't know if you started installation of the Titans in your O scale, but I installed 21 of them in a variety of steam locos in 2013.  I really tried to overheat the first install to make sure I was safe but it and the subsequent installs have worked fine.  I did remotor 2 older US Honnies locos. 

Good luck with the wireless 

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