Re: Wireless controllers

Nicholas Geti

I Googled the expression, "DCC Packet Analyzer", as you suggested and found the following items:

1. Pricom Pocket Analyzer, There are none available on eBay but I got an answer from them that they will have a new model soon. This web site gives a very complete description of what it does and many examples.

2. OpenDCC This is a massive Sourceforge project which is developing major applications for model railroading. Projects are based on Arduino which interfaces with a PC.

3. ODCC Sniffer – Packet Analyser with Arduino  This fellow has been working on model railroad apps using the Arduino for many years. Very extensive library of free apps including rr simulations. Beautiful interface on the PC. Only hardware required is the Arduino and and optocoupler to connect to the track or decoder. You must see his videos on rr simulation. Very impressive.

4. Model Rectifier Corporation-Decoder Dr. DCC Decoder Tester See eBay Handheld controller. Not as elegant as the other units that display stuff on the PC.

5. NCE Manual: This unit is no longer in production.

6. OpenDCC  This fellow has implemented his version of this technique. He is a German hobbyist and sells a PCB that contains his sniffer design. He also sells all of the SMD components required. He claims German law does not allow selling assembled PCBs. It requires skill to solder SMDs.

Nicholas Geti

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