Re: Kelly QSI sound files for download?

Benjamin Shell

Hi Steve,

The QSI Solutions website is still available, at the moment, at:

I think this indicates that the Wix paid account has expired, and the website is now running on the free version of Wix, which includes the Wix advertisements. I would expect the site to continue to be available here for the time being, however if it disappears I have a copy of the entire site and all the files and I will publish an unofficial mirror of the site if necessary.

(At one point I talked to Kelly at QSI about helping with the website transition, but I've dropped the ball on this. I've been so busy with life and real work projects that this is just about last priority. I would like to see QSI succeed though, as I love the products, and clearly the website is one of the issues that needs to be solved.)


On Fri, Sep 29, 2017 at 6:09 PM, hope4me_81@... [QSIndustries] <QSIndustries@...> wrote:

Hi all, is there a site where the sound files (both steam & diesel) can be downloaded for use with the QSI programmer? I know QSIS is out of business so I looked on the QSI Oregon site but the downloads page has none. If QSI Oregon is in fact supplying the decoders (like the Titan-U on their site) I would think the first thing would be to get the files up there for their customers to use with their product. If I cannot load sounds in a decoder why would I bother.
Thanks for you time

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