Reverse chuff sound stuck on

Tom Wilson

This is my first post in this group.
I have a BLI Paragon series 2-10-2 with a QSI Atsf 3800 class chip. Date is 2006. According to JMRI it is a QSI steam version 6. Firmware build 38, firmware build date 3/11/6.
I have owned this for a number of years, but only now getting it out to run it. Didnt have a layout at all. Now I at least have a semblance of a test running space.

When I run the locomotive in reverse, after the throttle is set to zero, the chuff sound continues on forever until I set the direction to forward.
Also, in reverse, the headlight strobes rapidly.
I reset the decoder to all factory defaults using the jumper method on the circuit board. It made no difference to either the chuff issue or the headlight issue.
I changed the headlight function from directional headlight to headlight. No difference.

I understand QSI may not even be around anymore?

Is this a known bug? Can I get a chip upgrade? Can I reflash the chip somehow? Or does some company flash these? I have no QSI hardware for any programming, just rely on JMRI or programming with my NCE Power Cab.

I am considering just pulling out the electronics and putting in something else if there is not a solution. But I feel like I spent enough on this thing several years ago and if I can get it resolved, would rather leave it in. There are some nice features with this decoder.

Thanks for any advice or help.

Tom Wilson

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