Re: QSISolutions train wreck and what it means to you.

Benjamin Shell

Thank you Kelly for sharing this news, and for your support of us. 

I really hope that QSI Inc will be selling large scale Titans as well. I would like to stick with QSI for most of my equipment.

I also hope you don't mind that until you have these files on your website I've posted the files I have to a Dropbox folder for anyone who needs them:
(this includes most of the large scale sound files, as well as software and manuals)


On Mon, Jul 24, 2017 at 6:23 PM, kelly.dorf@... [QSIndustries] <QSIndustries@...> wrote:

It is no secret that the sudden and unexpected shut down of QSI Solutions caught everyone by surprise. Nobody was more adversely affected than QSI Inc. And now today, the QSIS web page is no more. The final nail in the coffin. HOWEVER, QSI, Inc, is NOT out of business. We have been left holding the bag, and we are working to fill the void that was supposed to be the aftermarket arm of QSI. We will be upgrading our web site so that you can still have access to the many files developed for your decoders, as well as future files and upgrades.

In fact, QSI has just taken delivery of 100 Titan-U decoders. That's right, product on the shelf. Please message me off list if you wish to secure some. More products are coming as well.

QSI Inc recognizes and thanks our many supporters who have stuck in there with us. 

On behalf of everyone at QSI Inc. 



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