Re: Tech question re: QSI Programmer wiring


Bob, Try the bootloader as Lou mentioned.  

Curt, check to see if the decoder is in an advanced consist.    You can have the decoder tell you (speak to you) if you want to find the value of any CV.   The Advanced Consisting CV is CV 19.   If CV19=0 then the decoder is not in a consist.  If the CV = anything but 0 (1-127) the decoder is in that consist.

 Here's how you can check (with the loco on the layout):

1/  Select the loco.

2/  Program on the main (also known as Ops Mode programming - see your DCC system owner's manual)

3   Program CV 64 = 19

 The decoder will say, "CV one nine equals _____ ."

 If the decoder says any number above zero, try selecting that number as the loco and see what moves.


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