Re: Tech question re: QSI Programmer wiring

Benjamin Shell

Hi KJ,

I've done lots of ops mode programming with the QSI Programmer connected to an NCE booster followed by a DCC Specialities circuit breaker, and never had a problem. I had a toggle switch in there too, and not a particularly heavy duty one but I can't imagine this would be a likely source of problems unless it was a worn out or defective switch.

More recently I've switched to doing all my programming with JMRI and a MERG command station, and I only use the QSI Programmer for loading new sound files or testing decoders. I'm now wiring the QSI Programmer directly to the decoders for this. I don't trust going through the track, just in case the connection is broken.


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Hello all,

  I've got an 8 year old, 500 mA QSI Programmer.   I wired it and a NCE Powercab coupled to a DCC Specialties Circuit Breaker, to some solid 15 Amp toggle switches.  Overkill, I know.  Perhaps not.

  I use the heavy switches, one as a selector between a 12" programming track or (haha) the 'layout' (which really is just a 3' length of programming track).  The other switch selects either the Powercab or the QSI Programmer.   I think the heavy springs, inside each switch, tend to offer greater reliability - essential with programming.

  I have had no reliability issues that some have encountered; the solution for which was to remove all switches and wire the QSI Programmer directly to the programming track.   I attribute this to the use of heavier switches.

  Since reading about these reliability issues, I have since read of cases in which the output of the Programmer was blown by a short circuit.   The proposed solution for this was to install the DCC Specialties circuit breaker between the QSI Programmer and the programming track.

  Has anyone encountered any reliability issues since installing the DCC Specialties circuit breaker in between the QSI Programmer and the programming track?


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