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Benjamin Shell

Kelly (and Josh, if you're listening),

Just throwing a crazy idea out there, but what if the hardware were sold separately from the sounds, more like how Zimo does it?

It seems like Josh is incredibly good at recording sounds. I mean, every time I talk to him he talks about new sound files he's working on (and I try to remind him that customer support is more important than updated sounds... but he's just really passionate about sound!). So what if Josh (QSIS) could move to just selling the sound files? And QSI could focus on selling and supporting the hardware?

Taking it a step further, what if there was a way to for us to create our own sounds? (Again, like Zimo.) Most would not be as good as Josh's, so I'd buy his whenever available, but this would open up QSI to be used in locomotives that QSIS doesn't currently support.

Just a thought. I know I'd just really hate to lose QSI. Josh is super talented, but doesn't seem to be in quite the right aspect of the business for his passion. I know there are more choices in smaller scales, but I haven't heard anything that comes close in G-scale.

On Sat, Feb 4, 2017 at 4:29 PM, kelly.dorf@... [QSIndustries] <QSIndustries@...> wrote:


First of all, be assured QSI is monitoring this forum, and we are also concerned. We (QSI), have also been unable to establish communication with QSIS. Our phone calls and emails remain unanswered. I want you all to know that QSI is alive and well. QSI Inc. is a wholly separate company from QSIS. Software engineering has been busy working on our latest decoder software. Now we find ourselves without a distribution outlet. We are spread so thin that even responding by phone has been difficult. We are actively looking for someone who wishes to operate an aftermarket QSI business. We are also continuing to work with our OEM partners.

I look forward to hearing from you.


QSI Operations Manager.

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