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I just want to assure you all that as a manufacturer we are supporting our models with QSI systems in them. The new projects that are coming out are spectacular and should be up to the competition at hand. We will make sure that our customers can receive upgrade files and documentation when needed. We do not support retail sales of QSI decoders or service of non- Sunset Models equipment.

We are in direct contact with QSI at will and were able to get the new hardware and Q3 programming needed for our new productions. We don't see a problem going forward for continued service of our equipment.

You can email me with any of you concerns or questions regarding our past, current or future products at: sdmann@...

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Scott Mann - Sunset Models Inc.

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I for one have admired what I've seen QSI do compared to others. I bought one some time ago because I wanted a sound decoder robust enough for the Bowser Challenger I was building. I will still use it and if the day comes it dies, it'll be replaced by another brand. I don't see hem digging out of this hole given the competition has leaped forward tremendously in the last few years with LokSound now the new top dog to beat. Quite frankly, I could care less about stereo if no one is selling or supporting them. Plus, there are newer options emerging every year for larger scale modelers so that niche market has competition where there was few and far between. I also wish them the best of luck, but I'm spending my money where I can get what I want and when I want it by someone willing to supply it.


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