Re: qsi solutions still around?


Hi Kelly,

  What's happening at QSI Solutions?   I've been using the online QSI Solutions link, as you suggested, about a new decoder smoke problem.  Josh sent an email reply asking for my contact information.   I replied to the request (this was almost two months ago) and have yet to hear back from Josh.   I've done the online link and sent several emails since.

  The QSI Solutions home page says the office space is being renovated so the phones are temporarily down, but frankly, that message has been up for over 6 months.  

  I've convinced a bunch of people, in my region, how great the Titan decoder is.  A fellow club member purchased two Titan U decoders last September (2016) from a local hobby shop.   The hobby shop owner sent a check to QSI Solutions but has yet to receive the product.

  Another fellow club member tried to place an order, this January, with Tony's Train Exchange for a Titan U and got a reply from Tony's that they 'can no longer offer the Titan at this time.'

  Further, I sent an email to Gerry and have not heard back from him.   

  Now, I know there's a distinction between QSI (Oregon) and QSI Solutions (Vermont).  What's really happening with QSIS?


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