Re: FS: HO QSI Titan-U and Soundtraxx Tsunami1 decoders

David Friedlander


After 2 weeks, here is an updated list of decoders that I have left with new prices.
1. $75 Soundtraxx - TSU750 - 567 - Used - Installed for sounds/lights only, Light testing
2. $70 Soundtraxx - TSU1000 - 567D - New - Have 2.
3. $90 QSI Titan-U Like New - Read with QSI Programmer, but never tested, installed, etc. Have several. Factory programmed for EMD567 or Alco244.

Free shipping.

Email me off list for all offers, inquiries, etc.

David Friedlander

On Wed, Jan 11, 2017 at 12:33 AM, davidjfriedlander@... [QSIndustries] <QSIndustries@...> wrote:


Quick update worth noting.

Soundtraxx - Should go without saying, but make reasonable offers if you see something.

QSI decoders:
1. I went ahead and tested everything with a QSI Programmer, including the factory new decoders.  No surprises, every decoder functions as designed. 
2. I'll do a package deal for all 15.  $1265+free shipping in CONUS.
3. Due to some questions - I have taken photos of the two previously-installed decoders; available if needed.  Some wires were shortened on each, but every wire is still usable and can be extended.

Folks looking for more reductions...whatever is left, I'll post again in a week or two.
I work during the day, but I'll do my best to respond each evening, but it may be a day or two.

Happy railroading,
David Friedlander
Columbia, MD

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