Re: QSI Titan availability?

Benjamin Shell

Hello again everyone,

I just wanted to follow up here since I did receive some direct replies to my inquiry. Josh and QSI Solutions are alive and well, and large scale Titans are available.

I just had a great phone call with Josh, and we spoke about everything from product availability to software engineering to sound engineering to customer support. I've always been impressed with the engineering aspects of QSI--and they continue to get better--so that's never been an issue for me. But selling product is what pays the bills and helps make the engineering efforts all worth it, so I discussed some ideas with Josh about improving customer and reseller support (based on my experiences at a software product company). I'm hopefully that this will help more people be able to obtain and use the products successfully.

On Mon, Nov 7, 2016 at 9:22 AM, Benjamin Shell <benjaminshell@...> wrote:
Are large scale QSI Titans available anywhere? I was able to find a couple more this last summer, but now a friend of mine wants one and can't find any.

His preferred dealer said: "We unfortunately are back in a situation where we cannot communicate with QSI as they are not answering phone calls or emails. This has been going on for a couple of years now."

Is this the end of QSI? I sure hope not. I want more Titans myself; there's nothing comparable that I've heard in large scale.

Any insight? Thanks.

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