P2K Mars Light


Hi All,

New member from the UK with a question I hope someone will be able to answer.

I've been a QSI user for many years and have always been very impressed with the quality of each decoder be they steam, diesel or my Broadway GG1.

I have a couple of P2K(Walthers) QSI F7's that form an important part of my Milwaukee road collection. They were bought second hand and on arrival were set so the Mars light would flash when the main head light was on. I had reason to perform a factory reset on one but once this was done, only the head light comes on with F0. Despite trying all I can think of, I can't get back to as it was before the reset.

Does anyone know the CV setting required to get back to the as delivered (to me at least) state ? 

My ultimate aim is to be able to control the headlight and Mars light independently but I'll start with getting it the same as the others at the moment.

All the best,



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