Re: ATTN: QSI staff - Software/Firmware glitch inside



>>> Perhaps I'm not so familiar with Feature 145 after all.   I thought you were referring to a Feature map number. <<<

The feature ID is the number you program to CV53.PI.SI in order to assign a feature to a function key.
For example, the feature ID for bell = 3. If you program 3 to CV53.9.1, then pressing F7 in NFF/NFR turns the bell on/off.

>>> 1/  What would cause the CV 53.1.1 = 143 (shutdown) instead of 145 (Disconnect/Standby/Shutdown)?    I certainly did
not program CV 53.1.1.    Is that some kind of Function button 9 default? <<<

Most firmware models have default CV53.11.1 = 145. On a few models, QSI Solutions requested the default CV53.11.1 = 143.

>>> 2/  Does double pressing Function button 9 (at idle) actually Program On the Main - Changing CV 53.1.1 = 145 to CV53.1.1 = 143 ? <<<

No. Double pressing F9 does not change any CV. Nearly all of the features assigned to function keys do not change any CV.
The exceptions include
Feature 63 System Volume Decrease (usually assigned by default to CV53.15.0 and CV53.15.1)
Feature 62 System Volume Increase (usually assigned by default to CV53.16.0 and CV53.16.1)
so that pressing F13 decreases the value of CV51.0 System Volume and pressing F14 increases the value of CV51.0.

Gerry Pruss

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