Re: ATTN: QSI Staff - Update



>>> 1/ ... Shouldn't the "About" pop up, on the first page, allow you to see or hear the type of decoder you have, so that you may
select the correct decoder? <<<

What if you already know the firmware model in your decoder? Do you want to wait 10 seconds or more every time your create
a new document for QCVM to retrieve the firmware information (in Service Mode) from the decoder?

>>> 2/ ... Where do I find CV55.1.1 and CV55.1.2 in CV Manager? <<<

(1) Click on "Edit | FindCV...".
(2) In the Find CV dialog, type in the keyword "cv55.1.1" or type "horn type".
(3) Select "CV55.1.1 Horn Type" from the list.
(4) Click "Goto".

>>> 4/  When the sound file is loaded at the 'factory' why not allocate the left 
over space as the 'reserved block' for  user sound files <<<

This might work. It would probably make sense to extend this to placing all the Cut&Paste sounds at the end of
memory. This would allow someone to change the native horn, for example, in addition to User Sounds with a shorter upgrade time.
Let me think about this some more.

Gerry Pruss

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