Re: Keep ALive Circuits


Hi Rich,

  From the Files (above) folder - see the file named QSI Titan A Complete Diagram PDF.   In it is a drawing of the Titan A that we can use for reference.

  The TCS Keep Alive is designed for the 12 Volt DC with the Blue wire going to the + (positive) 12 V and the Black w/white striped wire going to the - (negative) post full-wave rectifier.

  On the diagram, the Titan A has the forward direction (Front headlight) on the right.   The +12V is top center, shown with a red wire connected to a smoke unit.   That's where the blue wire will go.

  To the extreme left of the diagram you can see the Yellow Reverse Headlight connection tabs, labelled, "Light 2".  Inboard of them you can see where the "Flywheel Capacitor" is connected.   You want to connect the Keep Alive's Black w/white striped wire to the - (negative) point of the Flywheel capacitor.


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