Re: ATTN: QSI Staff - Update


Hi Gerry,

  Thank you for your reply.

1/  I didn't get to the page, where I had a choice of OPs Mode or Service Mode.  It was at the first page where you choose "New" and select your Quantum Decoder.   Shouldn't the "About" pop up, on the first page, allow you to see or hear the type of decoder you have, so that you may select the correct decoder?

2/  CV 55.1.1 or CV 55.1.2 either one for respective Horn selection.  I tried these with my NCE Powercab using POM however, that may have been using the version 9-2-5.    Using ver 9-3-2 and CV Manager,  I could not alter either the 'main' horn or the alternate horn.   No matter what 'notes' were selected (I didn't alter individual notes - I only tried different horns  e.g. Nathan P3 or a Leslie ... whatever) .   However, I did not notice a CV 55.1.1 in CV Manager.   I'll have to go look again.   Perhaps it is user error.  Where do I find CV55.1.1 and CV55.1.2 in CV Manager?

3/  I didn't manipulate CV55.1.1 in CV Manager so I'll have to get back to you on that.

4/  When the sound file is loaded at the 'factory' why not allocate the left over space as the 'reserved block' for  user sound files (that can be added by CV Manager.)   that way, no matter what options are chosen by the dealer (or 'factory') there is at least some room for a simple sound file or six.   *GRIN*

  If the owner chooses to rewrite the firmware, using Quantum Upgrade, he may do so with the variable parameters you mention above - the remaining memory can automatically be allocated to "user sound file slot".


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