Re: ATTN: QSI staff - Software/Firmware glitch inside



If you select "Options | Enable Only Supported CV's" you will not have these issues.

If you select "Options | Enable All CV's" all the CV's in QuantumCVManager are enabled, whether or not the decoder's
firmware supports them.

For example, if you Enable All CV's, QCVM shows CV51.3 enabled, even though the E9 firmware does not support this CV.

I try to keep QCVM updated with the latest CV defaults for the CV's supported by the most recent production firmware for each model.
The "Enable All CV's" option is provided only for those (hopefully) rare occasions where the most recent production
firmware for a particular model has a new CV or two added since the last QCVM release.

So, in general, do not Enable All CV's. If you do, beware that the firmware may not support some of these CV's.

Gerry Pruss

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