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Benjamin Shell

Hi Bill,

You can also make plastic models with a saw and glue. But your 3D design software and printer are great tools to make complex models easier! Same goes with the QSI Programmer. Sure, you can get by without it, but it's SO much easier with this tool. Getting the right tool for the job sure makes things easier and more fun.

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I have no interest in buying any dedicated programming box for any brand decoder. I have heard of but don’t know much about JRMI as well.


Anything else only enforces very strong views of unnecessary extreme complexity on the part of QSI and why I am never ever buying another one. I have gotten to 10+ years of DCC with my NCE doing the programming. Good enough.


I am well beyond completely annoyed and frustrated. You may be all into this touching all 1000 CVs  3 times over. I am not. I am real basic blood n guts get it done.


Since I am in S Scale other things take up my time like 3D design and printing of my needed parts. I super detail and paint my models. Sometimes I work on my layout. Poke around here and you can see how my modeling time is spent.


I jumped in here with the hopes someone could bail me out of this mess I am in, and possibly save me from ripping the QSI out. They are RDC, also real simple. The diesel sound is not bad. Keeping them could happen. But if a QSI Guru does not visit my house, as soon as another RDC decoder comes out, (WOW or Tsunami) the QSI are coming out and getting run over in my driveway. YouTube video at 11. That is a statement if I ever saw it. I need to get my revenge somehow.


Thank You,
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