Re: OH Me o My! QSI


Well said, Nick.  I have stuck with them since Josh worked at Tony's.  He had so much to do after he bought it that it was hard to get a hold of him. He does an awful lot of different things we are not aware of as end users. He really could use another person with him to handle all the day to day stuff but I'm guessing it's hard to find someone as knowledgeable as he is.............

Here's an example of a Titan with ET in my modernized 2-4-4-2 O scale NJCB Little River.  1.06 HB in smoke box and 1.77 HB in tender.

Here's a Whitcomb O scale OMI with a  .90 HB in each motor compartment. Cummins ET sound file.  Note the crawl right out of the box, no adjustments!

I really like the way they do steam with all the adjustments.  The BEMF controlled chuff rate really works.  Before this I had to add cams which was a pain in the butt and time consuming. 

My mother told me at a young age that that "If you have nothing good to say, it might be best to say nothing at all".


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