Re: Tech question for QSI re: OEM decoders



A little history lesson. When BLI introduced the NYC Hudson so many years ago, a certain profiteer, Mike's Train House, claimed HE created the firmware for sound decoders. It was a clear FRAUDULENT attempt to lie his way into a chunk of money he never earned. Because of his FALSE accusations, BLI and other sound decoder manufacturers had to "cripple" certain features in the decoders until the legal case was settled. Fortunately, the judge hearing the case saw the truth and tossed the case out in favor of the TRUE creators of those features. After the litigation, BLI introduced the Version 7 upgrade chip to enable those features. QSI came out with their programmer to provide a way for modelers to change sound files and access those features. Unfortunately, MTH is still in business but we are not suffering because of it. His proprietary firmware and non-compliance to NMRA standards put his toy trains in their own realm where accessing advanced features can only be done with his hardware.

The Q7 was pre-revolution. The Revolution introduced new firmware AND new stereo sounds but was Pre-Titan. The QSI programmer can load any compatible  sound files using the correct software, Q1a or Q2a.. Q7 files are not compatible to Revolution or Titan. The software for Q1a (Version ?-7) will program the Version 7 decoders (OEM decoders with the upgrade chip) and load the sound files. Q2a software loads Revolution and Titan files. When using the programmer, ALWAYS check compatibility before downloading new files to the decoder.

Q3 firmware and sound files can only be used in the Titan.

Hope this helps,
Nick Kulp

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