Re: Technical issue regarding CV Manager



I model CN and I noticed that QSI has included Light Ports for working three colour class lights front and back.   Very cool!    However,  in the Function configuration Tab, further inspection revealed that I cannot access the FRONT marker lights 2 and 3 (at least in the EMD645 and GE modern 7FDL-16 although I think they were present in the ALCo 251).   All three Rear marker lights are available but only one Front marker light is available.

After a brief search, the only instance of this I was able to find for version 9 firmware was with model 1142 X-U GE 7FDL16 where the CV's for Rear Marker Lights2 and 3 are incorrectly disabled. This was due to a typo in QCVM's configuration file for model 1142. The problem has been fixed and the fix will be in the next QCVM release.

Can you give me the model numbers for other cases where the Front or Rear Marker Lights 2 and 3 are disabled?

>>> Also, again in the Function configuration Tab, I noticed only some ver 9.3.2 sound files have two separate Front Headlight (70 & 96) but not in all sound sets.   I think the same issue applies for the Reverse headlight as well. 

After a brief search, I was unable to find any instances of this for version 9 firmware. Can you give me model numbers where the front headlight #2 or rear headlight #2 CV's are disabled?

Gerry Pruss

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