Re: QSI Please include "Headlight Dimmers" in CVManager's Multiple lights

Eugene <Eugsue@...>

Hi Gerry

Not sure what KJ wants, but yes the ability to dim several lights with the one function Key would be great. My need is to be able to dim the front headlight or the rear headlight with the same function. My experiments when wanting to do this normally mean I have to assign each headlight (front/rear) dim to a different function.

Maybe I'm doing it wrong.

Here in Australia we have many diesel locos with dual cabs, so this would be great. Many non sound decoders that I have used allow this to happen.


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I don't understand what you want changed in regards to the Multiple Lights CV's.

CV55.136.0 allows you to turn on/off the automatic Headlight and Reverse Light features

(and 6 other automatic light features) with a single FKey. Whether these lights are

actually on or are bright or dim depends on how you configure the automatic light features,

for example, how you configure CV55.70.1 for automatic Headlight behavior.

Perhaps you want a CV that will allow you to dim several lights with a single FKey?

Gerry Pruss


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