Re: K4 Headlight Problem

Jens Wulf

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From: Greg Johnson
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I also posted this on the Broadway Limited list, so if you are on both,
please excuse the duplication.

I just received my K4 and it runs like a watch and looks beautiful. However,
I am having problems with the headlight; it flickers nearly every time I
change speeds. Also sometimes it turns off and sometimes it is on. In
addition, the F0 doesn't seem to have any effect on it. I tried the reset,
but that didn't help. Does anybody know how to fix this problem? I tried
removing the smokebox front and giggling the wires, but there was no change.
Do you use 28 speed steps, and the decoder expects 14 speed steps?
'cause in 14 speed step mode the F0 is part of the speed command, as the
least significant bit. Thus going at the station from 0 to 1 the light
goes on, but speed is still 0. from 1 to 2 the light goes off, and the
loco starts moving (or tries to), and so on.
Anyway, check if CV29 is setup right. actually bit 1 of bits 0 to 7
should be set to 1 if you're using 28 (or 128) speed steps, and 0 if
you're using 14 speed steps.


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