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I'm sorry, Idahoan, I should have encluded the answer from Athearn. Here it

The screws that hold the shell in place are located under the Boiler

half-top just in front of the cab (Part # 19) and under the Steam Dome cover

that is in about the center of the boiler top (Part # 26). These parts are

press fit so it simply a matter of popping them off.

The tender has two screws on either side of the rear coupler box that have

to be removed. To remove the screw that holds the tender body on from the

top you first have to remove the box that immediately behind the coal/oil

bunker. It is press fit on. Then you have to slide the coal/oil bunker back

a little bit in order to release it and access the screw.


Athearn Trains

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You received an answer from Athearn as to how to remove the Lionel
boiler and tender shells? Then maybe I should write Lionel. I am
still trying to figure out how to remove the Athearn Challenger
tender shell (haven't tried the boiler yet). How do you remove the
coal load to get at the underlying screw?

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> I got a very nice answer from Athearn support regarding removing
the shells.
> I did not include the last paragraph as it was an afterthought when
> addressing this groupl
> Glen Duke
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> Subject: [QSIndustries] Has anyone...
> Has anyone figured out to get the tender and boiler shells off of
> Lionel
> Challenger?
> In spite of what the document says about figuring out by studying
> exploded diagrams, I cannot figure out how to dismantle either
> By the way, is the lack of a warranty card an anomaly or
reflective of
> Lionel's decision to get out of this part of the business?
> Thanks,
> Glen Duke

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