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--- "Thomas Hollenstein" <thomas.hollenstein@h...> wrote:
I'm new here and would like to come up with the following question:
I've two GP9s where I chopped the noses. On the older P2k it was
possible to remove the upper part of the metal-weight which was
hold by a screw.
Now I'd like to put the shells of my low-nose GPs on the new drive
with the QSI-decoder. Is it still possible to remove the upper part
of the "nose-weight"?

As the photo in the other person's response shows... the entire low-
nose area of the QSI-equipped geep is filled with metal weight.

It shouldn't take a lot of effort to remove some of it with a hacksaw
after removing the weight from the loco. (It will probably take a
lot more effort to DO THAT, than to saw the weight!). It looks like
the electronics are confined to the other end of the unit.

You'd also have to rearrange the headlight arrangement.

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