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I doubt it very much. If you go to the groups home page and click on photos
you will find several shots of the LL P2K GP9 with the shell removed. These
should answer your questions. The direct link to one of the pictures is

If the link gets truncated or does not work go to the group web site and
look under photo's as I mentioned and you should find the shots I took

Richard Dilley

At 03:20 AM 12/22/2004, you wrote:

Hi all

I'm new here and would like to come up with the following question:
I've two GP9s where I chopped the noses. On the older P2k it was
possible to remove the upper part of the metal-weight which was hold
by a screw.
Now I'd like to put the shells of my low-nose GPs on the new drive
with the QSI-decoder. Is it still possible to remove the upper part
of the "nose-weight"?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Tom, Switzerland
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