B&O Light 2-8-2 Modification

STEPHEN HOXIE <stevehprr@...>

I want to move the center mounted headlight on this engine from the center to the B&O's later high position. Unfortunately, BLI incorporated a rectangular cutout on the smokebox front for the center headlight bracket to fit into, making the stock smokebox front unusable. Fortunately, I have a brass USRA front on hand, along with the correct headlight and B&O badge brass castings.

In stock form the headlight is lit by an LED in the smokebox. I want to light the headlight in its new position with a bulb. I know that some BLI engines do use a bulb in the headlight. Can someone answer these two questions:

1. Did QSI universally implement an appropriate resistor to accommodate either LED or bulb?

2. What voltage bulb should be used?

I can measure the voltage being supplied to the LED, but I would like to take advantage of someone's prior experience if possible.


Steve Hoxie
Pensacola FL

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