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I would certainly be happy to hear that some poly-fill could
eliminate the "hollowness" of the Hudson's sound. (which brings up
other thoughts of "damping" materials that could be applied to the
inside of the shell... helping to damp the sound, and still allowing
airflow around the QSI electronics....


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Your expeirment sounds totally worthwhile.
The results will be a bit uncalibrated and perhaps a bit
subjective -
but, it is way better than what we have now - nothing. I am
forward to a description of your experiences. Thanks!


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Pat said:
I think there is the unknown of how much improvement does the
backfill really provide. I'd love to hear a couple of mp3 files
someone who tried this in an A/B test on the same engine. We can
post such files directly to the Group (under "Files")

Pat, I have two synchronized BLI J-1e Hudsons (different numbers
different weathering). I could backfill one, run them together,
and see if
it makes any difference in the sound, and report back. Making MP3
would require setting up microphones to record, with its plethora
pandora's box acoustical issues.

John F. in California

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