Re: Titan-G v8 & v9



>>> 1)  Firmware version <<<

"" indicates that this is an engineering firmware release.
A version 9 production release would have something like "9.2.5"

>>> 2)  Wrong horn blat <<<

This bug was fixed on 24-July-2014.

5)  Un-muting 
why does the decoder 'un-mute' when Starting-Up from Disconnect?

The spec for "Startup from Disconnect/Standby/Shutdown" includes
restoring the system volume to the un-muted state. All QSI decoders
behave, and have always behaved, in accordance with that part of the spec.

As to why it makes sense to automatically un-mute upon Startup,
it is probably a historical artifact from the time when the firmware
did not support CV51.1 Mute Volume. Before CV51.1 was available,
when the decoder was muted the volume was always set to 0. It was
then necessary to automatically un-mute upon Startup so that the operator had audio feedback
that the Startup operation was actually executed.

Gerry Pruss

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