Re: Ready to Move issues



>>> 1) I am trying to change the vale of CV 120.9.0, it is set by default to 30, no matter what value I enter and try to program, the value reverts back to 30. The value I enter is shown even when I click on the program button but after CV manager completes the task the value reverts to 30 again. I retrieve the 120.9.0 value and it returns 30. <<<

This behavior is due to a bug in QuantumCVManager. This will be fixed for
the next release. In the meantime, change the CV120.9.0 value by
right clicking on "120.9.0" and in the popup menu selecting "Edit CV120.9.0...".

>>> 2) I don't get any stop toot at all, I have the option set to use the Bell activated Ready to Move sounds and I get the startup toots OK and to my liking, but I never get the stop toot when entering the station...and yes I have activated the bell prior to coming to a stop. <<<

Did you set CV51.20 to "Bell Armed Horn Blast" for FWD/REV-->NFF/NFR?

>>> Also Is there any way to control how much delay there is before the stop too plays,
and while I'm there anyway to control the length of the stop whistle? <<<

Currently the delay time and the length of the horn blast are both fixed.
I will look into adding a CV to specify the delay time and a CV to specify the duration of the horn blast.

Gerry Pruss

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