Re: Atlas using full feature Titan decoders?



>>> Can I download the Q2 and/or Q3 files into the Sunset engines?  Same for the Atlas O engines. <<<


>>> If yes, can I do this following the same process used tor the Titan Magnum using a programming track, CV Manager and QSI Quantum Programmer? <<<

Yes, the process is exactly the same.

>>> If yes, am I correct that all the sounds will be there but I will have fewer light" ports. <<<

Correct. The sounds are exactly the same, except for the particular horn, bell, etc. that comes with a soundset.

The FX-U supports 10 light ports, the Titan-G supports 12 light ports, and the FX-DO supports 12 light ports.

>>> If yes, will either the Atlas O board or the Sunset board support stereo like the "Standard" board? <<<

The FX-DO board supports two speakers, as does the FX-U and Titan-G. You can specify the volume balance
for specific sounds and for overall sound.

Gerry Pruss

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