Re: Reusing a V7 Upgrade Chip



Some time after I wrote that message, we added the capability to upgrade Q1 decoders

with Q2 firmware designed to run on the Q1 hardware (Hardware Profile Numbers 1111

and 1121).

The following q2 firmware will run on Q1 decoders:

1048   HO Diesel (Q1 Volume Pot)

1049   HO Diesel (Q1 Reed Switch)

2048   HO Electric (Q1 Volume Pot)

2049   HO Electric (Q1 Reed Switch)

3048   HO Steam (Q1 Volume Pot)

3049   HO Steam (Q1 Reed Switch)

4048   HO Articulated Steam (Q1 Volume Pot)

4049   HO Articulated Steam (Q1 Reed Switch)

5048   HO Gas Turbine (Q1 Volume Pot)

5049   HO Gas Turbine (Q1 Reed Switch)

Gerry Pruss


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