Re: Changing Chip in BLI J1e

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From: "denlippert"
(And, hopefully someday, a Reading T1 4-8-4!)
"Bob Zoeller" <bobspf@w...> wrote:
H-m-m-m. Pennsy leased some, though a little late for my
modeling era.
They are an utterly logical choice. FOUR of the stinkin' things
had an excursion life... one was used for the eastern-US trips of
the American Freedom Train... one was the Chessie Steam Special
for two years...

Heck, you could even paint up a Genesis USRA 2-8-2 as GTW 4070,
put it behind a Reading 2102, and park them on your Horseshoe Curve
for a Conrail-era operating session....


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