Re: Changing Chip in BLI J1e

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I think I must have just stepped out of a cave or a time warp.
Scott, what kind of a product allows you to adjust a decoder from a
JMRI... the Java/Model Railroad interface! A nifty platform-
independent software package (platform-independent meaning that it
can run on almost any type of computer... PC, Mac, Unix...)

Decoder Pro is the part of JMRI that does decoder programming. You
can (for instance) set up a standard speed curve and lighting setup
for all of your Atlas diesels, and program all 30-odd CV's in one
fell swoop, mass-production style. I believe it also keeps track
of the programming for each loco... so you can "refresh" a decoder
that's lost it's mind.

All this... and it's... are you sitting down? ... FREE.

Well, you need to buy a serial cable... and a computer-interface
for certain DCC systems (NCE doesn't need additional hardware... I
think Lenz and Digitrax do).

I don't have it YET. I don't have a laptop that can be transported
to the layout room yet!


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