Re: Open Letter to Pat Quinn: DCC power trip problem with QSI

denlippert <denlippert@...>

--- "Jon Miller" <atsf@i...> wrote:
Here's the problem folks and sometimes we DCC'ers are not
thinking about it. BLI (claims) the market for their engines
is 85%* DC.
Yes, but I think their numbers are seriously flawed! Nobody asked
me how I use MY three. Only on DCC. And I know several other
owners of more-than-two who use them strictly on DCC. In fact, I
know only a couple of folks who use them on dc... and the majority
of them are planning to convert to DCC "soon".

Perhaps their 85% number is based on calls to their help number?
That could imply that (a) their DC circuitry needs serious help,
or (b) DCC users are generally a bit more technically savvy
(because of prior decoder installations and such, if nothing else),
and are more-likely to fix their own problems?


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